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Borescope Light Source MS-LED

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USD $1,490.00
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Product Highlights:
  • Ultra Compact: L 5" x H 2.7" x W 3.5"
  • Energy Efficient
  • Electronicly Adjustable Illumination
  • Lightweight: 1lb (0.45kg)
  • Utiliize Both AC and DC Operation
  • Long Life LED Light
  • UL/EN/CSA 61010 / IEC 61347 / IEC 62471 / CE 
  • Made in USA
What’s Included
Portable Light Source MS-LED , Power adapter.
Product Information
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The MS-LED borescope is an extremely compact and lightweight unit with very high output efficacy that is ideal for industrial applications where space is limited. MS-LED spectral output below 430nm (deep blue and UV) and above 700nm (near IR) is minimal, which makes it ideal for sensitive applications. 

The light source is equipped with an ACMI fiber receptacle, as well as separate Storz and Olympus style adaptors, to accommodate most common fiber cable types.


Color Temperature: 6,500K

CRI: 72

Output: 1,350 Lumen

Average LED Lifespan: +50,000 Hours

Electric Input: 12V

Weight:  1lb (0.45kg)


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