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Borescope Camera ImagePRO USB 3.0

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Product Highlights:
  • Low-Light Sensitive USB Borescope Camera
  • Resolution: 1920 (H) x 1200 (V) active pixels
  • Sony 1/1.2” 2.35M pixel Color CMOS sensor 
  • High Frame Rate: 41.6 fps (8bit output)
  • Rugged and Compact (28 (W) x 28 (H) x 40 (D) mm ) Metal Body
  • USB port to transfer video
  • Different Focal Length Video Couplers are available


Not Mac OS compatible

What’s Included
Image Camera PRO USB 3.0, USB 3 Cable, Focal Ring, CD Disc, Image Coupler.
Product Information
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The ImagePRO USB 3.0 borescope video camera is an exceptionally compact device with a new 1/1.2” color Sony Pregius IMX249 CMOS sensor capable of capturing high resolution images. This low-light sensitive camera sensor provides with 8-bit output and 1920 x 1200pix resolution videos at 41.6 fps, and up to 12-bit and 77.7 fps at 640 x 480.

It features USB3 Vision Compliancy, Global Shutter and Full Scanning, Variable ROI (Hor. and Ver.) for capturing clear images in low light conditions, hardware and software based triggers for accurate monitoring and user-orientated menu and control. The USB borescope video camera is very easy to use and can be connected to almost any borescope by means of a universal video coupler (optional). 3.0 USB output allows for saving files right to a computer/laptop. The live image is displayed in the viewing software (also included).

ImagePRO USB 3.0 comes in a compact, rugged metal housing that adds extra durability.

† This device is not Mac OS compatible

  • Imager : 1/1.2” 2.4M CMOS(SONY IMX249)
  • Shutter Type :Global Shutter
  • Effective Pixels : 1920 (H) x 1200 (V)
  • Cell Size : 5.86 (H) x 5.86 (V) µm
  • Scanning Method : Progressive
  • Scan Mode : Full Scan
  • Frame Rate : 41.6fps(RAW8,10bit)、32.4fps(RAW12bit)
  • Video Output :8/10/12 bit Raw Data
  • S/N Ratio :3 digit Less than (gain 0dB)
  • Sensitivity (Typ.) : 1160 Lux(Color)
  • ALC : Auto Shutter / Auto Gain / Manual
  • Electronic Shutter : Exposure Time 18.6μsec ~ 20sec(Full Scan、RAW8bit) Exposure Time 23.4μsec ~ 40sec(Full Scan、RAW10,12bit)
  • Analog Gain : 0 dB ~ 24 dB
  • Digital Gain : 0 dB ~ 6 dB Offset : 0 ~ 511 digit(RAW12bit)、0 ~ 127 digit(RAW10bit) 0 ~ 31 digit(RAW8bit)
  • ROI : Supported
  • Decimation : Supported
  • Mirror Image : Mirror / Upside Down / Left & Right Reversal
  • Pixels Defect : Supported (Max. 64 pixels)
  • Correction Whit Balance :Auto / Push to Set / Manual (Color only)
  • Operating Mode :Free-Run / Edge Preset Trigger / Pulse Width Trigger / Start-Stop Trigger (Software trigger only)
  • Interface :USB3.0 Super speed
  • IO (Input / Output) : 3 GPIO / 1 Hardware Reset
  • Input Voltage : +5V (typ.) (USB standard)
  • Consumption :TBD
  • Dimensions : 28 (W) x 28 (H) x 40 (D) mm (excluding connector)
  • Optical Filter : IR Cut Filter (Color only)
  • Lens Mount : C Mount
  • USB Connector : USB 3.0
  • MicroB Connector I/O Connector : HR10A-7R-6PB (Hirose) or equivalent
  • Compliancy :RoHS Compliant

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Questions & Answers
Hi friends,

Do you send products to my country Chile?

Best regards

Hi Felipe, yes we surely ship to Chile.
Our representative will be in touch with you by email.

I'm Thanh
Living South Viet Nam
I want full System (Borescope Camera ImagePRO USB 3.0)
How much is itt?
Best Regard

Hi dear Thanh, one of our sales reps will be in contact with you shortly.
Thank you!

Can you clarify if universal video coupler is included in the camera set?

Yes, the coupler is included and you don't need to buy additional one.

Hi, I want to know if i need some special software to use this camera and if it´s included in the price

The camera includes the necessary software on a CD disk.
Besides, it is possible to download free software compatible with the camera off the internet as well.
It works with USB connection, no other power connection is needed.

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