Light Sources

A borescope light source is one of the key elements of an informative visual inspection, as it greatly contributes to the overall quality of the image captured. The choice of a light source depends on the type of the endoscope used. Medit offers a great selection of light sources of different power levels, as well as light, portable, battery-operated light handles and flexible fiber optic light cables. Our goal is to provide you with the latest, most innovative equipment that will make your work highly productive, comfortable and cost-effective. One of those latest illumination solutions include high-intensity portable LED light handles and compact metal-halide light sources that are extremely helpful for borescope inspections in the field. To connect your borescope, or fiberscope to a metal-halide borescope light source you will need fiber optic light cables. Our flexible light guide cables feature a strain-relief design, which provides a gentle radius of curvature at the end, reducing sharp angles and minimizing broken fibers, and are equipped with interchangeable connectors to let you use them with ACMI, Storz and Olympus light sources. Every borescope light source, that should go to a customer, is manually tested by our Quality Control department. These light sources also come standard with a one year manufacturer warranty. Add a high intensity, portable & explosion-proof light source to you borescope kit.

Light Sources for Borescopes, Fiberscopes and Industrial Endoscopes
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