Well and Borehole Cameras

Well cameras are advanced, robust video devices that are engineered specifically to face severe mechanical and chemical challenges of bore inspections. They are high pressure and watertight inspection devices, featuring innovative image sensors, high-output LED illumination, durable insertion cable and intuitive interface, capable of conducting inspections in wells up to 300 m deep in very poor light conditions. Well cameras' applications are numerous due to their robustness and innovative image capturing capabilities and include: inspecting well existing conditions, preventative maintenance and quality check inspections, casing damage exploration, gas and water entries, monitoring of corrosion and erosion, perforation inspections, tubing problems identification and many other. We offer a selection of well cameras to help users obtain critical data important for making informative decisions, save significant amount of time, money and effort for them and their clients, and make the work of operators safe, convenient and highly productive even in the most challenging conditions.

Well Cameras, Borehole and Downhole Inspection Systems at Fiberscope.net
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