Manhole, Sewer and Culvert Inspections are Made Easier with Pole Mounted Zoom Survey Cameras

Maintenance of sewer lines, mainlines, tanks and pipelines is an important part of keeping things running smoothly for municipalities, contractors and plumbers. Pole mounted zoom survey cameras are an efficient, safe and cost effective way to remotely inspect and record inspections of these areas. Manhole zoom cameras are built to be lowered into man holes and zoom in on areas up to 60m away for visualization without having to send anyone physically into the manhole unless a problem is detected. This saves time and man power, as most units are designed to be easily set up and used by one operator. The units feature bright lights built into the camera head to ensure well lit image and video capture.

Cyclops Zoom Survey Camera

We carry the “Cyclops” portable zoom manhole camera is built for single operator use, and is waterproof up to IP67. These units lower from a tripod down up to 6m (12m pole optional) and the camera swivels and pivots to ensure all areas can be visualized.These units are built to offer the best performance for the price, and show live video as well as record video and images. For more information on these units contact our sales team.