What are the Advantages of Hand-held Video Bore Scope?

Hand-held Articulated Video Bore Scope JT-AlphaDuring the 25 years that video bore scopes have been in the North American market the technology has developed greatly. Now the selection of these viewing devices is so broad that one can easily get overwhelmed by the amount of features they offer and trying to decide if he actually needs all of those features for his particular applications.

We would like to introduce you to one of our latest hand-held video bore scopes that have quickly become popular among our clients, and we can see why. We consider JT-Alpha Video Borescope one of the most versatile and reliable, yet affordable, visual devices in the market geared up for a variety of remote inspection applications in different environments especially for exploring areas with small diameter openings or limited access. Though small and compact, JT-Alpha features exceptional viewing and navigating characteristics, which makes it a number one choice device among NDT professionals.

Because it is so lightweight and compact, you can take this video bore scope with you wherever inspections need to be performed. You can choose from various rugged stainless steel braided flexible probes that come in different diameters (4.5 mm/0.177″, 6mm/0.24″) and lengths (1.5m/4.9’, 3.0m/9.8’) and feature a short 15mm distal end with 4-way angulation that considerably improves camera’s maneuverability especially in curved pipes. All the probes are water-, oil- and dust-proof, which offers users greater flexibility expanding the scope of the camera’s applications.

JT-Alpha ergonomic body design and convenient joystick control contribute to overall intuitive operation. Users with different skill levels can easily access any feature on the menu and perform different tasks by means of control buttons located at operator’s fingertips.

The JT-Alpha Video Bore Scope provides high image quality due to super bright LEDs and a high-resolution CMOS image sensor. Bright, detailed images can be viewed on the integrated 3.5” TFT LCD display or saved to a SD card for further analysis or documentation.

All the above features of the JT-Alpha Video Bore Scope: ruggedness, portability, ease of use and high image quality – are the characteristics that make it one of our top products, enhancing our clients’ productivity, efficiency, safety and comfort in different inspection settings.