Pipe inspection camera offers access to reach underwater objects and structures up to 300 meter deep.

This STRAHL Downhole camera is one of the most affordable units of its kind on the market.  It is designed for a wide range of underground and underwater applications. This system is well suited for inspecting various reservoirs, shafts, pipes, tanks and other objects from the top down. The unit has a unique 360⁰ pan and 180⁰ tilt feature which allows you a thorough inspection of the entire problem in one run.

The housing of the pipe inspection camera is made out of aluminum and is tightly sealed (IP68) against water intrusion, allowing underwater inspections up to 300 meters deep. Super bright long-lasting LED lights provide sufficient illumination to obtain clear, crisp images even in the darkest environments.

The camera features a compact control unit with a high-resolution 5.7” LCD display and intuitive interface. Operators can view the whole inspection process on the display and capture data as video or images for further processing or sharing with clients. All operations are performed by means of control buttons on the light and compact control unit.

The new STRAHL Downhole pipe inspection camera is available with 8 mm flexible probes with lengths up to 300 meters. To increase operators’ safety and comfort of work and to prolong probe’s longevity the camera comes with a compact reel that makes it easy to coil and store the probe. The set also includes a centering skid to position the camera head in the center of the pipe and on-screen depth counter to track how much probe has been inserted.

The whole set is light and compact which is extremely important for operators who have to climb multiple flights of stairs and conduct inspections in awkward spaces.

The Downhole pipe inspection camera works on a conventional DC12-18V/5A power supply.

Pipe inspection camera