Rigid Scopes used with Borescope Cameras Produce Striking Documentation of Inspections

When looking for a scope for an inspection you will always want to find one that will give you the best image quality for your budget. Rigid scopes will always have the best optics for the price, as they have resolutions that are up to 10 times more than that of flexible borescopes with the same diameter. The only limiting factor when choosing between rigid and flexible borescopes is that rigid scopes don’t bend at all, and therefore can not access any areas that require navigating a corner or bend to enter. But when dealing with spaces that have straight access points the best scope you can choose is a rigid one. To allow flexible scopes to bend they are made with tiny fibres in the probe to transmit the image from the tip to the eye piece  these fibres limit the resolution and can effect the contrast in the image, quality fiberscopes are much more expensive than rigid scopes, and with use the fibers in the probes break and bend and image quality will slowly deteriorate over time. Rigid scopes on the other hand use one of three lens systems to transfer the images from the tip to the eye piece, giving a much clearer, crisper image.

Borescope Camera Paired with Industrial Rigid Endoscope

To record still images and video from inspections Medit’s Borescope Cameras can be attached directly to the the eye piece of a rigid scope. Using HD cameras with rigid scopes will ensure that you end up with the absolute best quality images and videos from your inspection, as you are pairing two units that offer the best image quality. Finding the  right combination of quality optics and high definition recording device is the best way to guarantee the best results from any inspection.

Check out our videos displaying the results from pairing rigid scopes and borescope cameras on youtube: