Pipe Inspection Camera VIPER ADV goes to market

Medit Inc. is proud to put out on the market a new VIPER ADV Pipe Inspection Camera.

Our goal with this new Pipe Inspection Camera is to improve working conditions and provide customers with great inspections results and satisfaction. It is an awesome tool, well suited for exploring ducts, pipelines, mains and sewers. The device consist of 3 main parts: a camera head, a push rod and an LCD monitor.

Pipe Inspection Camera VIPER ADV

Pipe Inspection Camera VIPER ADV

The 23mm camera head is equipment with a high resolution CCD chip, 12 adjustable super bright LED lights. The light illumination can be easily adjusted depending on the inspection requirements. The objective is protected by a Sapphire lens to prevent scratching and image impairment. The Inspection Camera comes with a PVC coated fiberglass 6.5mm diameter push rod and is available in 2 different lengths (40 or 60 meters). The device features a wider flexible push rod and a long spring joint between the rod and the 23mm diameter camera head, while a sensitive CCD chip captures every detail of the inspection site. The rod is very flexible and easy to slide even through narrowest clefts and smallest openings.

The inspection can be viewed in a live mode on the monitor or can be stored as image/video on an SD card. The device has an video output for transferring images to a TV monitor. The monitor display is protected by an adjustable sun hood from direct sun allowing for efficient outdoor inspections even in a bright daylight. The modern viewing technology allows capturing clear, detailed images of the inspected area under any inspections conditions. The camera set contains a built-in 512Hz frequency sonde/beacon and two skids for additional convenience.The whole system comes in a  lightweight waterproof plastic case.

This Pipe Inspection Camera is user-friendly, portable and very convenient addition to our pipe camera line. It helps to easily identify leaks, root infiltration or infestation growth as well as other defects.