New Inspection Zoom Camera Hits the Market

A new state of the art telescopic inspection pole camera with zoom from Medit Inc. is now on the market.  The INSPEKTOR Zoom camera is a big leap forward from most of the competition, both in terms of functionality and available options. The pole length is from 4.1 ft. or 1.24 meters in the collapsed state to 10.9 ft. or 3.3 meters when fully extended. Additional sections can be added to the telescopic pole by the user, extending its total length up to 40 ft. or 12 meters. ZOOM Articulating Inspection Camera

The 2-way articulating camera head (up to 90 degrees in each direction) is 2.5” or 63mm in diameter. Two other available camera head options are an infrared and a thermal head. The inspection tool is equipped with 24 bright LEDs, a digital image processor and a low light sensitive camera chip. The 10x optical zoom allows to inspect areas between 1 ft. and 200 ft. away from the camera head. The device comes with an SD camera used to store captured images and recordings. The memory of the tool depends entirely on the capacity of the SD card being used. For reference’s sake, 1 GB stores about 250 photos or 1 hour of video.

The camera comes with a convenient chest harness, a right angle adapter, two NiHM rechargeable batteries and a rugged carrying case of hardened plastic. The new pole camera with zoom will undoubtedly be highly appreciated by law enforcement agencies such as the army, police or customs. It is a perfect tool to search for illegal substances, weapons or contraband. In addition, it can be used for such applications as manhole or sewer inspection and, in general, whenever there is a need to access tight areas that open up into larger cavities.