New STRAHL Line Video Borescope ORION, high-resolution camera head and anti-slip rubber handle

Video Borescope ORION with Interchangeable ProbeThe new video borescope ORION is an upgraded version of the old model.  It is an enhanced inspection equipment with high-resolution camera head, variety of imaging options including grid, mirror functions and zoom-in/zoom out. The unit itself is very lightweight, compact in size, ergonomic and battery powered. The unit features a sensitive, high-resolution CMOS camera chip that captures tiniest defects and transports the image to the integrated 3.5’’ digital LCD monitor. The monitor has been enhanced to 720×640 pixels to provide inspectors with higher quality informative results.

Four super bright long-lasting LED lights provide brilliant illumination for inspection areas even with no lighting or extremely poor light conditions. The light intensity can be manually adjusted to avoid glare on shiny/glossy inspection surfaces. The camera features powerful zoom, grid and mirror functions that have been added in response to client’s demands.

The Orion unit operates with interchangeable probes of variable diameters, lengths and direction of view. The probes range from 4 mm to 10 mm in diameter and are all water,-oil,-diesel,-gasoline-proof (IP 57). The probes can be used with optional mirrors allowing to view the inspection at different viewing angles at 70°, 90° or 110°.

All inspection data can be saved to a 4 GB SD memory card included with the unit. The memory card slot features a unique open design that makes inserting or removing the memory card convenient for the user. Captured images or recorded video files may be downloaded via USB directly to a computer/laptop. A video output jack is also available to view images on a large TV monitor, which provides a great opportunity for inspectors and clients to review and discuss them.

A rechargeable LI-polymer battery provides up to 4 hours of continuous video capture on a full charge and requires only 2 hours to recharge.

This unit comes with an anti-slip grip rubber handle and is an all-in-one package for inspectors who are looking for an compact, handheld, high-performance device.

All Purpose Video Borescope with Interchangeable Probes, high-resolution camera head and anti-slip rubber handle. Here you can see a short video introduction of Video Borescope ORION