Inspection Cameras. How to use them?

Today remote visual inspection is becoming more and more popular throughout the world. But sometimes technicians hesitate to use inspection camera because they are not sure if they need any special training or skills to work with a borescope. However inspections with such devices in the most of cases do not require any special knowledge or skills. There are some simple rules to follow.

First of all it is necessary to determine the length and diameter of insertion probe. Then you have to choose between a rigid and a flexible insertion rod. If you need further documentation, you would need an inspection camera with a special monitor hub and recording ability.

Optical borescope lets you see the defective place or part through an eyepiece. Insert the probe carefully through the inlet and switch on the light source, and you would immediately see the desired area. Handheld LED light sources are very convenient to use. In case of a videoscope after turning on it is ready to inspect. If light intensity is too strong or too low, you can adjust it according to your needs. Press on recording button and your video will be recorded in AVI or other format onto an SD card. Keep in minds that insertion probes are rather fragile, therefore it is better to avoid excessive bending or forcing the probe.

Here is an example of using a videoscope to inspect a car engine. When a car has an interference engine and timing belt is broken, it is possible that the pistons hit valves before the engine stopped completely.  After compression test, if the valves are bent they will not seal properly and the compression readings are low. Get your inspection camera and inspect through the spark plug holes, looking for impressions on the piston tops. Devices with 2 or 3 meter long probes and tip articulation are the most convenient. The flexible probe of the inspection camera lets you see the damage that may have occurred without disassembling the top part of the engine.

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