Industrial Videoscope iRis DVRx with 3mm Insertion Probe Has Been Launched

iRis DVRx Industrial Borescope with 3mm Articulating TipThe new modification of the iRis DVRx industrial videoscope just hit the market.

This time the product line has been expanded by adding an impressively thin 3mm (0.12’’) articulating probe to the list of options. An extra durable tungsten braided probe with 2-way angulation significantly broadens the range of inspection jobs that can be accomplished with the unit. The “chip on the tip” CMOS superb quality camera is located within the short rigid distal end of the probe. The distal end also houses light guides with 3-stage intensity control. On top of that, the industrial videoscope probe is water-, oil- and gasoline proof. This professional line of videoscopes is made by one of the best manufacturer in the industry to meet the demands of the most challenging environments.

The handy, ergonomic, rotatable control unit features an extra large 5’’ color TFT display. Most unit controls are on screen type, with a few useful add-ons such as a 3.5x zooming function and a text overlay generator to jot notes down just as you inspect. The tool has a dual power supply, with a rechargeable battery and a 12V adapter being the options. There is literally no limit on how much data you can record since external removable SD cards are used as a storage device. For the sake of reference, a standard 32GB card is enough to fit about 32,000 captured photos and up to 500 hours of video recordings (BMP and AVI format). All recorded files are automatically date and time stamped.

The new industrial videoscope modification with the extra thin 3mm probe surely has a bright future ahead. Its robust build, versatile functions, and compact size are a rare find, especially at such an affordable price! And, as icing on the cake, a custom made explosion proof version of this amazing unit is available upon request.