Explosion Proof Camera Videoscope-XT: The Tool for Risky Tasks

Explosion Proof Borescope CameraWe have recently launched the sale of a truly innovative video borescope with a particular focus on NDT professionals working in explosion prone environments. The new Videoscope-XT underwent a series of stringent tests under the MIL-STD-810G in an explosive atmosphere, and meets the requirements of NFPA 70 – Class 1 Division 2. Thus, the new inspection system fills the void providing the NDT professional community with a video borescope that comes as close as possible to the definition of intrinsically safe.

 The new explosion camera features 4-way articulating probes with lengths ranging from 1.5m (4.9′) to 7.5m (24.6′), and with two diameter options, 4mm (0.16”) and 6mm (0.24”). Other key characteristics include digital zoom, text input for captured files, extra powerful 3-step LED illumination hidden in the unit handle for increased safety, and an advanced color CMOS camera chip for an extra bright and clear image delivery. The unit stands out for its ergonomic and lightweight design, and it comes in a hard plastic carrying case to protect it from accidental damage.

 Visual inspection professionals will undoubtedly appreciate its solid built, innovative cutting edge features, and user friendly interface. These characteristics make the new Videoscope-XT explosion proof camera a highly desirable instrument for those who value quality, convenience, and safety.