Exploring the Reasons for Price Differences Between Similar Looking Video Scopes

When looking for a Video Borescope the biggest factor to take into account is the job that needs to be done, and then the budget you have to work with. The price of a unit does not necessarily determine the quality of a product, but is a good thing to keep in mind when comparing scopes. High end scopes are going to be more expensive than economy scopes, the main reason for this is that higher end scopes tend to use higher resolution video chips in the camera heads, the better the quality of the camera, the better your inspection results will be. High quality camera chips also ensure that any light provided will be used to the best advantage of the recording device.

Snapshot of Aircraft Turbine Taken with ITC Videoscope

Scopes like our Orion II Video Borescope have a higher resolution CMOS camera chip than the Voyager Video Borescope, with more LEDs built into the tip of the scope. This means that while the specs of these scopes may appear to be similar, you will get much better image quality from the Orion. Also the more costly scopes become, the more features they tend to offer the user such as articulation, different focal ranges and structure and design of the probe. Higher quality scopes are designed for someone that is using their scopes more often and for more intricate inspections. Economy scopes are designed to be affordable options for someone who may not use their scope enough to justify a higher price tag, but who still wants the advantages gained by using videoscopes to do inspections. It’s best to talk to a representative to determine which scope will meet your needs and budget the best.