Looking for the Brightest light source for your borescope? Look no further than Metal Halide Light sources from Medit Inc.

MS-24 Light Source with Metal Halide BulbCustomers often ask which light sources are best for remote inspection, now the answer to this will vary depending on the specific application, but the brightest illumination will be provided by Metal Halide Light Sources. Metal halide lights provide very bright, clear white light, that are focused with a patented process, as in our MS-24 model, to provide the most efficient light output.

Metal halide lights are very energy efficient, and come in compact designs, that while not handheld like many of our LED light sources, they are portable and easy to use at job sites, as well has being designed to run as cool as possible. Metal halide lights have a long life, though bulbs should be changed every 500 hours to ensure you see the best results, they can be replaced  with AL-1824 bulbs available through our web store. Allowing the light source to attach you borescope are flexible light guide cables compatible with many brands of borescope and light sources. All light sources purchased from our company undergo a manual test by staff here at our quality control department before being shipped to our customers, and all light sources are backed by a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Feel free to contact us with any questions or light source needs you may have.