Meet 4.0mm Aviation Ready iRis Videoscope

We are happy to announce the release of a new industrial videoscope, the Pegasus 3.9mm. Included in our premium line of videoscopes. Coming in with a diameter under 4mm and an articulating tip, this scope is perfect for inspection of compact aviation turbine engines, including Pratt and Whitney PT6, GE90s and more. Image quality is not sacrificed for the small diameter, with clear, full colour video and image capture. The iRis is a welcome addition to meet the needs of customers wanting to remotely inspect engines and turbines with small dimensions, as it will easily pass through PWC34910-200, 400 and 600 guide tubes. If this sounds like a scope that would be beneficial to your business feel free to contact our Technical Support Team for more information

Videoscope with Small Diameter Insertion Probe

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  1. d.Jeyakumar August 14, 2012