Flexible Fiberscope with 4 way Tip Articulation

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Product Highlights:

• Ø 6.0mm(0.2in)/ 8.0mm(.31in) Stainless Steel Braided Probe
• 4-way, 160x120x100x100 degree, tip articulation
• Working Length: 110cm (43.3'') / 160cm (63'')
• 12,000/ 20,000 pixel fiber optic image bundles
• Specialized light post
• Universal focusable eyepiece

What’s Included
Flexible Borescope, Light Cable, Aluminum Carrying Case.
Product Information
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Medit’s robust flexible fiberscopes offer high resolution leeched glass optics, coupled with stainless steel braided insertion probes, which are tough and flexible, yet ergonomic for long inspections.

The smooth 4-way tip articulation is excellent and allows for inspections in tight and remote areas. Directions can also be combined to articulate in a full 360 degree circle. The probe is protected by a stainless steel braided sheath, which is water, oil, and gasoline proof. The articulating tip can also be locked in a desired position if you need to capture images or video.

The universal eyepiece connects easily to c-mount video cameras (for example our ImagePRO USB, or ImagePRO HDTV) using a focusable eyepiece coupler. The sharpness of the image can also be adjustable using the focal ring on the fiber scope.   

There are 2 options for the image bundle, the standard versions feature 12,000 leeched fiber cables packed into them, and the higher resolution bundles feature 20,000 leeched fiber pixels. The standard models provide good image resolution and are suitable for most day-to-day inspection.   

The special technology used in the MEDIT fiber scopes allows more fiber optic pixels to be packed into the same size bundles. The 20,000 pixel FI fiberscopes feature nearly 100% more fiber optic cables than other fiberscopes of the same diameter. So they are smaller and less noticeable, when image quality is a critical requirement.

The specialized light post on these fiberscopes can be connected to any external high output light source or directly to an Extreme LED light handle for increased portability. Various adapters are available enabling these fiberscopes to be used with a variety of light sources from other manufacturers too.


• Length: 1350mm (53") and 1850mm (73")

• Diameter: 6mm (0.24") and 8mm(0.315")

• Optical system: fiber optic (12 000 and 20 000 fibers)

• Articulation: 4-way (90° each way)

• Stainless Steel Braided insertion probe

• 50° Field of View (FOV)

• 0° Direction of view (DOV)

• Operating and storage temperature: -10 to +120 °F

• Waterproof Insertion Tube

• Manual focus of the image with focus ring on the eyepiece

• Light cable included (Olympus type connector)

• 32mm standard eyepiece for rigid scopes


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Questions & Answers
According to the "Articulating Fiberscope" PDF-file the operating temperature of the fiberscope´s insertion tube is not lower than 10 degrees C. Is this the case? I am interested in a scope that can view objects in -60 degrees C.

The user's guide refers to 10C below freezing. That is correct. Videoscope probes carry an electronic component within them, so using a probe at -60 degrees C is not recommendable if at all feasible.

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