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Snake Scope VOYAGER

Product Highlights:
  • Economy inspection camera
  • Insertion Probe Ø 5.5mm(0.22in) Øand 9.5mm(0.37in)
  • Working lengths: 1 meter (3.3ft), 2 meter(6.5ft), or 3 meter(9.8ft)
  • CMOS Video Camera chip: 1/5” or 1/6”
  • Image (JPEG )/Video (AVI) file capture
  • Interface: SD Card, Mini-USB, RGB Video output
  • Adjustable Handle and Screen positions
What’s Included
  • No items in the Box.
Product Information
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  • The most affordable and versatile video borescope / snakescope for basic visual inspections.
  • The 5.5mm (0.22”) or 9.5mm (0.37”) diameter probes feature a flex and stay, semi-obedient design, which will hold a bend or curve until it is physically bent back.
  • The interchangeable probes of the inspection camera are available in three lengths to access a variety of inspection areas.  
  • Each probe features a CMOS Video Camera chip in the tip, which produces a live image displayed on the portable 3.5” LCD Monitor. JPEG images, and AVI videos are captured in 720 x 480 pixels and video is recorded at 30 frames per second, with a defined focal range of 20mm (0.8”) to 280mm (11”).
  • The portable monitor has an ergonomic design, with an adjustable screen which stands up or lays flat against the handle. The handle, which strands straight out, can also be positioned down 90 degrees, to complete inspections at different angles.
  • Additional features are an SD memory card for file capture, a USB port to transfer captured files to a computer or laptop, video output to export the live image to an larger TV. Also included is a microphone to record audio from inspection. Power is supplied by 4 AA batteries, which last up to 3 hours for portable use.



Insertion Probe

  • Diameters: 5.5mm (0.22”) or 9.5mm(0.37")
  • Length: 1M(3.3'), 2M(6.5'), 3M(9.8’)
  • No articulation
  • Splash-proof
  • 1/5” or 1/6” CMOS chip
  • Resolution (Dynamic/static) 320x240/ 720x480
  • 67° Field of View (FOV)
  • 0° Direction of view (DOV)
  • 2cm~ 28cm (0.8” – 11”) Focal rang
  • 4 White LED (0~275 Lux/ 4cm)
  • Lightness manual adjustment way: Yes
  • Zoom: 5x Variable Digital Zoom

Image Hub

  • 3.5” TFT LCD Monitor 320x 240 Pixels
  • Interface: Mini-usb 1.1/ AV out
  • Video storage format: AVI(320x240)
  • Image storage format: JPEG(720x480)
  • TV system: NTSC & PAL
  • Power: 4AA Alkaline type Batteries
  • Recording Format: SD Memory Card (Up to 32GB SDHC capacity)
  • Adjustable Hand piece: Monitor moves upright, or down to rest along the handle
  • Carry Case: 40 x 33x 12cm

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Great Product

Works great for seeing inside hard to get areas. Batteries do not last long when left in unit.

Likes Voyager Vidoescope

Q: Do you like the Voyager Video Borescope you bought from Why?
A: Yes. Very helpful tool. Allows investigative work with minimal effort.

Q; What kind of application you use it for?
A: Investigating conditions behind existing wall assemblies.

Q: How does this product help you finish your tasks or job?
A: Most accurate results and least invasive to existing assembly conditions.

We Like Voyager

Q; Do you like the Voyager Video Borescope you bought from Why?
A: Yes. Your scope has the optic size we were looking for and with the video/photo capture it allows us to create presentations with our findings.

Q: What kind of application you use this product for?
A: We use it for performance testing and also for research in advance.

Q: How does this product help you finish your tasks or job?
A: This product allowed us to view areas not accessible during normal viewing which eliminated a lot of cost for additional testing.

It's a tool that once you have it you'll find things to use it on.

I bought the Voyager with 1m 9.5mm probe mostly for working on my cars. I'm not a professional, but the number of vehicles I have or work on warranted such a tool. Things that sold me on it were the ability to take video and pictures, and also the fact it uses AA batteries. If I only use this for half an hour every 6 months a rechargeable system would be pretty useless for me.
Things I would like to note, if using this in a 13mm spark plug hole the 9.5mm 45 degree mirror will not fit down the spark plug hole. Also the videos and pictures it takes are fairly dark, although I don't notice that being an issue on the screen. Screen is large and of good quality. Being able to adjust its angle makes working on cars much easier than say a fixed screen/snake angle (another major reason I bought it).
I wish the LEDs got brighter, if you were trying to view a dark area more than 6 inches away it'd be problematic (most of the time though in the engine bay it wasn't an issue). Shipping to the U.S. was a little expensive, but considering it's feature list the price was warranted. Considering I've gotten my value's worth out of it already as an amateur mechanic I would certainly purchase it again. It's a tool that once you have it you'll find things to use it on.

Adjustable Screen/Snake angle
AA Battery Operated
Takes video & picture with included card
Comes with 45 degree mirror, as well as 2 hooks & magnet
Focuses down to 1/2"
Came with Duracell Batteries!

Photos/Videos a little dark
LEDs not very useful after 6"
45 degree mirror doesn't fit in 13mm spark plug hole

Nice Borescope

I am very pleased with the Voyager Video Borescope. I would highly recommend the bore scope. THANKS twtree

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Questions & Answers
What country provides the components and what country is it assembled?


Hi dear R.T.
This scope is made in China.
If you need further assistance or have any further questions, please contact Roman at 204-800-7856 or [email protected]

What is the lighting source? High intensity LEDS?

Hi Bob,
The light source is just regular LEDs.
For some applications we have high intensity LEDs with a different video scope:
Please contact our sales team if you have any further questions.

What is the distance the scope can view from (i.e. from the scope end, how far away can a view an item)?

Hi Jim,
The focal range for the Voyager scope is 2cm~ 28cm (1 inch to 1 foot)
If you have any further questions, please contact Roman at 204-800-7856 or email to: [email protected]

is the camera water resistant because i will be using it on sewer pipes most of the time

Hi Eason,
This camera Voyager is not suitable for sewer pipes inspection.
It is not water proof, it is splash-proof.
For sewer inspection we recommend sewer cameras like Viper, TRITON, Anaconda, PYTHON.
Please have a look here:
all of them are water proof.

In the specs it states that this is splash proof. Is the head and cable water proof so it can used for plumbing aspects and the screen splash proof? or is the hole set up splash proof?

Hi Corey,
Only the insertion probe is splash proof. Is does not mean you can submerge it or use it in plumbing wet areas though, it can withstand just some rain.

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