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4-way Articulating Video Borescope QUASAR

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Product Highlights:
  • New Generation QUASAR Video Borescope
  • Highly Sensitive CCD Video Chip
  • 4-way Tip Articulation
  • Tungsten-braided Probes of Variable Lengths (up to 8m/26,4')
  • Adjustable LED Light Illumination
  • Large 5.8” HD TFT LCD Display (800x600)
  • Easy Probe Exchange Depending on the Inspection Requirements
  • Detachable Rechargeable Battery
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Product Information
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QUASAR is a new generation of borescopes with highly scalable design and groundbreaking optics and electronics. Due to its high-tech yet user-friendly viewing characteristics even users with entry level skills in remote inspections can obtain clear, informative footage of remote problem areas.

The new scope is equipped with a sensitive CCD image sensor and focusable lens that quickly adapt to various lighting conditions and captures sharp, detailed images of areas of interest. The camera is up to IP67 waterproof. Cold light LED illumination can be easily adjusted. The borescope works with extra durable and pushable tungsten-braided probes with variable diameters and lengths. 8 mm/0.31” diameter probes are available in configuration with optional detachable lens of various focal range for greater convenience.

Control unit is compact, lightweight and features a unique detachable operational handle with 4-way articulating knob that allows you to easily swap probes depending on the inspection requirements, thus increasing the range of your applications and significantly cutting downtime periods should a damage to the scope occur. Large 5.8” HD TFT LCD display with 800x600 pixels resolution is highly readable even in direct sunlight. Take snapshots of particular problem areas in JPEG format or record videos of the entire internal pipe structure in AVI format. All data can then be stored to 8GB SD memory card (included).

QUASAR borescope works on a rechargeable, detachable battery that ensures greater flexibility and freedom of movement during inspections and is good for up to 2 hours of uninterrupted inspections on full charge. 


Insertion probe diameter: 6mm/8mm

Effective working length: 1.5-8m

FOV : 110°

DOF : 25mm - ∞

Image sensor:1/8 CCD

Resolution: 440000 pixels

Waterproof probe: up to Ip67

Insertion Probe Braid: Tungsten braid

Articulation: 4-way / 120°

Illumination: LED

Light intensity: 40000Lux~60000Lux

Illumination control:Adjustable

Power: 12.6V ~1A

Rechargable battery: Interchangeable 

Continuous working time:: 4h~5h

Monitor size: 5.8" TFT LCD

Definition (Resolution ): 800x600

Video format : AVI

Image format : JPEG

Storage: 8G SD card

Working temperature: -10°C~50°C

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