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I had borrowed scopes before! I use it to look into the cylinder bores on race engines to check for piston / bore damage, saves taking the engine a part to check. I also use it after draining the oil in race engines, to check for signs of premature wear of the crank. Also looking inside gear boxes and differentials. Really any mechanical part that is normally removed for visual checking, many can be visually checked with the scope.
Phil Wall, Cambrigdeshire, United Kingdom
Thank you, It has been a very satisfying pleasure doing business with you and your company. The new cable works great!! Your customer support is outstanding!!
Charles Lambert, Benbrook, Texas, USA
At the moment the Provision is the usual make that is used by the initiated but quite frankly I have used the 30cm and the 91cm models and they are not a patch on yours. The recommended one for bat survey work is 91cm and 11mm diameter. It is over priced, not as flexible, picture quality not as bright and just awkward to use.
John Morgan, Telford, UK (Building inspections)
Just wanted to let you know that we received the Borescope on Tuesday and have already put it to good use. Thank you for your assistance.
Steve Chomyszak, Attleboro, MA
I would like to appreciate your working style. You have done everything that I think should have been done. I\'ll Inform you about receiving the bore scope. Thank you for your excellent work again
Yucel Tekin,Turkey
Just to let you know that I received the package and tested the camera and it works great. Thank you.
Orlando Paladino, Calgary, AB
No complaints. The scope works great. We manufacture aircraft engine parts and it\'s nice to have a small flexible scope to get into small holes with cavities. Sales and shipping service was excellent. If we are in the need for more optical scopes we would definitely buy from you again
Wieslaw A. Demusz, Demusz Mfg. Co., Inc.
We were very pleased with the service we received from your company. We received the fiberscope within a couple of days of ordering. The fiberscope is a great value. We have a couple of high cost borescopes that breakdown frequently and are currently not working. We purchased the Medit borescope because we needed a borescope quickly and the cost was considerably less than the repairs of our other scopes. The Medit borescope because of its small size is more convenient to use than our expensive scopes and provides more than adequate video and still pictures.
Roger Cline
I like to work with you. Everything is quick and clear.
Valeriy Sobolev Service manager HARBOUR ENTERPRISE LTD
The service that I have been receiving from your company is great. You have great people working there.
Jesse Lopez