Retractable Pole IR Inspection Camera COBRA

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Product Highlights:
  • Retractable Pole Complete with Integral Multi Positioning Camera
  • Waterproof (IP67) Camera Head
  • 1/3” Advanced CMOS Chip with 12 Built-in IR LED's
  • Double Window Assembly – no LED Bounce
  • Viewing Distance up to 32.8ft (10m)
  • 5" Colour LCD Monitor with Straps and Sunshield
  • Resolution: 640 (H) x 480 (W)
  • Extremely Low Discharge Batteries
  • 3 hours Continual Use in Complete Darkness
  • Back-up Battery Included
  • 7h Recording Time with 4GB SD Card
  • Optional Roller Kit for Under Vehicle Inspection
  • Made in UK
  • 1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty.
What’s Included
Pole mounted camera, Monitor in a fabric case complete with sunshield and straps, 2 Rechargable batteries, 1.8m Connection cable, Battery charger, Hex wrench, Aluminum case, Remote control, User manual.
Product Information
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The COBRA Inspection Pole Camera is a battery operated lightweight with a telescoping shaft system that permits viewing in difficult to access areas either above or below ground. With these abilities you can inspect attics, suspended ceilings, eavestrough’s, gutters, sewers or wells. 

This Pole Camera is very easy to handle and gives you a very crisp and clear image either in daylight or the dark thanks to an advanced CMOS camera chip with 12 built-in IR LEDs for viewing up to 33ft. (10m) away. The telescoping pole can be retracted from 5.25ft. (1.6m) to 13.12ft. (4m). 

The camera head is housed in a durable acetal body. Its housing is hinged at the base to allow multi positioning of the head. The camera mount is made from acetal which is permanently fixed to the end of the telescopic pole. The camera kit includes tools to permanently lock the camera in a desired position.

The pole and camera head are waterproof (IP67) and can be used for inspections in wet environment.

The 5'' TFT LCD display with a sunshield (700 TVL resolution) guarantees high image quality. Instead of standard LED lights that strike the eye as soon as they are lit, the COBRA pole camera features infrared LEDs making the camera virtually undetectable from a distance. A built-in electronic sensor automatically compensates for daylight. The inspection system is powered with extremely low discharge rechargeable battery which provides no less than 3 hours of continuous operation on a full charge. It takes just above 2 hours to fully charge the battery. In addition, COBRA pole cameras come equipped with a back-up battery which may prove crucial if the inspection takes a long time.

With an operation weight of just under 2.7 kg and a 1.8m linking cable makes this is a very portable and comfortable unit to use on any job site. 

A roller coaster wheel developed specifically for under vehicle inspections is available as an option. Depending on customer's needs, the COBRA pole camera is available either without (default configuration) or with the recording capability.

All these thoughtfully designed features make a retractable pole camera COBRA an indispensable piece of equipment for contactors, rescue teams, border protection and security agencies, police forces, military, or SWAT regiments.

The system is covered with a 1 year warranty against all manufacturing defects.

Note: COBRA IR Inspection Camera is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.



  • Colour camera housing, Ø 60mm (2.4in), L 95mm (3.7in)
  • Resolution 700 TV Lines
  • 1/3” Advanced CMOS
  • Sensitivity 0.01 lux 
  • 850nm IR infra red LED’s for low light viewing up to 10 metres(32.8ft)
  • IP 67
  • Lens 3.6mm, giving a 68° field of view
  • Built in electronic iris which automatically compensates for daylight
  • Operating temperature -10 to +55°C

Housing and Operation

  • The camera is housed in a durable acetal body
  • The camera housing is hinged at the base to allow multi positioning of the head
  • The camera mount is made from acetal which is permanently fixed to end of the telescopic pole
  • Tools supplied to permanently lock the camera in the operators desired position

Extendable Pole

  • The total length of the pole closed: Standard 1.63 metres (5.3ft)
  • The total length of the pole including camera: Standard 4 metres (13.1ft)
  • The extendable pole is constructed from: Standard: glass fibre, in 3 sections
  • The locking clamps are of polymer construction
  • Dual left handed or right handed lever
  • Strong locking force
  • All of the cables from the base of the pole to the camera are housed internally within the pole
  • The bottom of the pole is an acetal base with connector housing which has a built in 3 way connector

Link Cable

  • Connects from the bottom connector housing to the monitor assembly
  • Standard: 1.85 metres in length (6.1ft) / Tactical: 0.9 metres in length (2.9ft)


  • 5” LCD TFT colour monitor, housed in carry case with built in sunshield and neck strap
  • Resolution 960 (H) x 234 (W)
  • Using the remote control or buttons on the front of the monitor, the picture can be inverted to allow above or below viewing.

Batteries & Charger

  • A main battery with up to 3 hours continual use from full charge in complete darkness, and up to 3 ½  hours continual use in daylight (fitted to rear of carry case)
  • The batteries do not self discharge after storage and will retain 85% of their charge voltage
  • The batteries are SANYO, eneloop 2000mAh, NIMH low self discharge, fast charge 2 amps for 1 hour, over 1,000 cycles, 10 cells
  • A second same spec battery is also supplied
  • A battery charger is also supplied (for USA only we would like to use RS494-2015 – EN60601, UL listed UL-2601-1)

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Questions & Answers
Can you take still images?

Hi Nathan, we have two versions - live video and with recording. The camera with recording can only record avi files and the system also comes with software that allows you do still jpeg pictures out of video files on your PC.

Hello. Does this pole camera have the ability to record and save images?
Regards Graeme

Cobra comes either with our without a recording feature depending on your preference.

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