Pan-and-Tilt Duct Camera ANACONDA CHW

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Product Highlights:
  • Universal Duct Inspection Camera
  • 50mm (2") Ø Pan-and-Tilt Camera Head
  • Dustproof and Waterproof
  • 30m (98.4ft) Standard Length Flexible Cable
  • 8’’ TFT Color Monitor 
  • Image/Video Capture
  • Centering Skids
  • USB Interface
  • 128G Solid State Drive(SSD)
What’s Included
Portable monitor with integrated DVR , Insertion cable on the reel, Patch cable, USB flash drive, User's manual, Camera head, Power adapter, Two centering bracket-skids.
Информация о продукте
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The ANACONDA CHW Pan-and-Tilt Duct Camera is an all-in-one portable viewing device ideal for reaching and inspecting hard to access areas to detect tiny flaws and defects. Areas of application include: air ducts, flue liners, chimneys, shafts, columns, etc. The system is designed to provide users with informative data on conditions of these objects and structures to avoid unnecessary and complex disassemble, to monitor their present condition and prevent potential damage. 

The camera head is equipped with extra powerful, long-lasting LED lights to ensure highly intense illumination despite the inspection conditions. It pans 360⁰ and tilts 180° delivering detailed image of the problem area. The operator can manually adjust the picture clarity depending on the distance to the problem area. The camera head is completely dust- and waterproof (up to 3 bars).

The ANACONDA CHW Duct Camera works with soft cables available in different lengths. The standard length is 30 meters (98.4').   

The inspection system is equipped with a control unit, featuring a 8” color TFT wide screen monitor,  that allows to watch inspections on site as video or image, capture the inspection data and save them directly to a USB flash drive or onto built in 128G Solid State Drive(SSD).   

This duct camera is a portable, compact device that runs on battery packs, but can be supplied by mains.  

The full set includes a specially designed centering bracket-skids to ensure that the camera is placed in the center of the canal and remote control.

ANACONDA CHW Pan-and-Tilt Duct Camera is a great viewing solution that combines precision, portability, ease of use and breakthrough affordability. 

Camera Head:
  • Camera Head Diameter: 50mm (2")
  • Camera Head Length: 137mm (6")
  • Pan: 360°Tilt:180°
  • Horizontal resolution: 700TV Lines
  • Camera head Housing: Aluminum/Stainless steel
  • Illumination: 6 Super Bright White LEDS
  • Brightness of the LEDS: Adjustable
  • View Angle: 120°
  • Focus: Auto
  • Auto Home Position
  • 512Hz Built in sonde
  • Dust- and Waterproof: IP68

Display & Storage system:

  • Size of the screen: 8’’ TFT LCD 
  • Resolution: 800 x 600
  • Image / Video capture 
  • Joystick type rotation control
  • USB Flash drive storage
  • USB interface: USB output
  • Built in 128G Solid State Drive(SSD)
  • Recording pause function
  • Integrated keyboard
  • Integrated microphone
  • 8800mA rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack
  • Battery level indicator


Push Cable and Reel:

  • Cable diameter: 6.5mm
  • Standard working length: 30m (98.4')
  • Optional working length: up to 100m
  • Centering Skids

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