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QUASAR-4, 4-way Articulating Videoscope

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Product Highlights:


• Ø 4.5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm stainless steel Braided insertion probe
• 4-way Articulation, 120° in each direction
• Working Length: 1.5 meter(4.9ft), 3 meter(9.8ft), 6 meter(19.7ft), 10 meter(32.8ft)
• Camera Chip: CMOS, 410,000 pixels
• Field of View (FOV) : 70°/90°
• Depth of Field (DOF) 1.0 – 10,0cm
• 65000 Lux of illumination from white LED lights
• Waterproof probe: IP 64 (up to IP 68)


• 5.6”(13.7cm) TFT LCD Display 640x480 pixels
• Image (JPEG )/Video (AVI) file capture
• AV output (PAL/NTSC selectable) to a TV monitor
• SD merrory card for file storage
• LED Illumination adjusted by buttons on the monitor

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Product Information
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The Quasar 4-way articulating videoscope is the most versatile device available in the standard line.

These video borescopes feature a stainless still braided jacket around the insertion probe and 4-way tip articulation easily controlled through dials on the monitor. The position of the tip can also be locked with one click.

The insertion probes are available in 4.5mm(0.177"), 6mm (0.24”),8mm (0.31") or 10 meter(32.8ft) diameters and are water and oil proof. This videoscope is suitable for most day-to-day industrial applications.

With a high resolution 1/18” CMOS Image Sensor located directly in the tip of the insertion probe, this camera chip generates up to 400,000 pixels (in 720x480 resolution), with a focal range from 10 -100mm. High-output white LED lights illuminate the inspection area, while a clear 5.6” TFT LCD provides sharp, detailed images needed to ensure accurate inspections.

An intuitive user interface makes it easy to save still images in JPEG format or record motion video as AVI files to the SD memory card. AV output to any TV monitor is also incorporated into the design.   

A built-in high-performance lithium ion battery supports up to 6 hours of continuous operation. While a neck strap, or support strap frees your hands for better mobility.

Every unit is protected by a leather cover to protect the monitor from grease and dust.


Insertion probe

• Diameters: 4.5mm(0.177"), 6mm (0.24”) or 8mm (0.31")
• Length: 1.5 meters (4.9ft), 3 meters (9.8ft) and 6 meters (19.7ft) with 8mm (0.31") diameter probe only
• Articulation: 4-way Bend angle90°,120°, Bending radius:35 mm, 50mm
• Video sensor: CMOS 1/18,1/10
• 100,000;410,000; Effective Pixels
• 70°,90° Field of View (FOV)
• 0° Direction of view
• 10-60mm,10-80mm Focal range
• Stainless steel wire braided
• Waterproof:IP64, up to IP68
• LED illumination intensity: 65000lux
• Lamp lifetime: over 10000 hours
• Lightness manual adjustment way: Yes

Image Hub

• 5.6-inch LCD Monitor
• Video storage format: AVI
• Image storage format: JPEG
• TV system: NTSC & PAL
• DC12v 1A Power supply
• Portable battery: Lithium-ion 12V 3600MAH, Continuous working time: over 6 hours
• System Operating Temperature:-10°C - 50°C
• Relative Humidity:30%--90%RH
• Dimensions:256mm(l)×160mm(w)×54mm(h)
• System Weight:2.2kg

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