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Portable Flexible Fiberscope


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Portable Flexible Fiberscope 4.8mm(0.19"), or 8.5mm(0.33") diameter - 460mm (18 inch) or 920mm (36 inches) total length.

  •     Close-up focusing-objects as close to the lens as 1.2"
  •     Ergonomically designed, non-slip handle fits comfortably in one hand
  •     One-handed operation-focusing and light activation can be achieved one handed freeing the other hand for work
  •     Integrated focus ring for smooth, continuous focusing
  •     460mm (18 inch) or 36" (920mm) long insertion tube will reach deep into walls, drains, vents, engine blocks, etc. and requires only a 4mm opening
  •     Flexible, cable bends in every direction to allow precise viewing
  •     Durable insertion tube is both rugged, water and oil resistant, allowing you to get in the most difficult places.
  •     Convenient, adjustable eyepiece Super Bright Xenon lamp illuminates dark locations for clear viewing
  •     Rugged ALUMINIUM carrying case, sealed lens and cable are submersible for underwater use
  •     Operates on 2 AA batteries

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Portable Flexible Fiberscope

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Portable Flexible Fiberscope 4.8mm(0.19"), and 8.5mm(0.33") diameter - 460mm (18 inch) or 920mm (36 inches) working length.

Medit's Portable Flexible Fiberscopes feature one-handed operation allowing your other hand to do the work, a rugged and water and oil resistant, and either 4.8mm(0.19), or 8.5mm(0.33") diameter insertion probes which are 460mm (18 inch) or 920mm (36 inches) long. These units also feature a 7,400 pixel image bundle, with a xenon light bulb to illuminate the inspection area, and a manual focus to adjust your image. Power is provided via 2 AA batteries, and accessories include an aluminum carrying case, and optional 70, 90, or 120 degree mirror angled tips, or different angles of view, or hard to access inspection areas. Great for automotive, aircraft, marine, locksmith, plumbing, and machine or casting inspections.

Medit Portable flexible fiberscope fast facts:

Inspect and explore inaccessible areas using one-hand operation.
Clearly focus on objects as close as 1.2 inch to 15 inch away.
Mirror adapter 70, 90, 120° view for various angled viewing add even more inspection value.

Portable Flexible Fiberscope Customer Reviews

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Review by jacques eduardo danon (Posted on 4/11/13)
I bought this scope for our medical practice and like it. We use it in anesthesiology (pss!) to make sure the endotracheal tube is placed correctly

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What's in the Box

Portable Flexible Fiberscope
  • Portable Flexible Fiberscope
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • 2 Bulbs
  • User Manual
  • Aluminum Carrying Case

No essential accessories

Questions on Portable Flexible Fiberscope

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  • From sarge7174 at 3/30/13 7:14 AM
    • I don' see any option listed,such as an angle mirror. Do you have them,and what do they cost? Thanks for your help.
    • We offer mirror tips for 5.5mm and 10mm RAVBS (Rigel and Orion) probes.
      Each mirror tip is $50, or else you can purchase a set of all three for $120.
      Please contact one of our sales representatives if you want to order mirror tips.
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  • From dondi at 10/4/13 10:20 PM
    • i need to insert a camera in holes in ceiling in my home to check insulation, it is dark, will this item illuminate it enough?
    • You might want to consider our Voyager Snakescope or Orion II video borescope as an inexpensive alternative to portable flexible fiberscopes. Both Voyager or Orion will give you better illumination and a clearer picture.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Paul at 3/18/14 4:31 PM
    • Does/can your fiber scopes go into gas tanks? Is there a problem with corrosion?
    • Thank you for your question.
      Most fiberscopes and videoscopes we offer are water-, gas-, and oil resistant.
      Please let us know which model in particular you are interested in, and we will be able to provide a specific answer.
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