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7/8'' Pipe Inspection Camera TRITON

SKU:Triton Micro

Product highlights:

  • Narrow, 7/8" Micro Camera
  • Waterproof camera head: 1 bar in fresh water (35ft)
  • 200ft 3/8” Kevlar Braided Push Rod
  • 2” P-Traps and Up
  • Built-In 512Hz Sonde
  • 10.4" Daylight Readable Monitor
  • Click Touch Controls
  • Record to USB Drive
  • One Touch Recording with Pause Key
  • Mpeg Format
  • 16 Pages of Text Writting with Memory Saves
  • On Screen Footage Counter
  • Adjustable Lighting Controls
  • Voice Over Recording (Built In)
  • Rename Files on Stick After Recorded
  • 2 Hour Battery with Built In Charger
  • Audio and Video Out Jacks
Pipe camera Triton

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TRITON Line, Heavy Duty Pipe Camera with narrow, 7/8" Micro camera head.


For contractors who are looking for real heavy duty narrow diameter cameras this system delivers.


Well built and thoroughly tested the Triton Micro camera Systems give you a great experience you will be satisfied with.


The whole system consists of two components.


First, is the durable mini inspection reel with push cable lengths up to 200 feet. One of the most sensitive parts of any pipeline camera is the push rod. Unlike other systems on the market the Triton features a Kevlar braided probe. Kevlar is a highly resistant material that is widely used for making bullet proof vests. Thanks to this technology the Triton inspection reels will work well for more cycles of inspections compared to regular systems.


The 7/8" Micro camera head connected to the inspection reel provides great illumination of the inspection area and a crisp, colorful image. The Camera chip is protected by scratch resistant sapphire glass and the housing is made of stainless steel.  Another important feature - the Micro Camera head is fully repairable and even if you break one, only the head that is not working needs to be replaced. Thanks to the narrow diameter the Micro camera head will easily go through even 90 degree elbows. Camera head is completely waterproof and rated for 1 bar pressure in fresh water (35ft).


The "Triton" Pipe Inspection Camera reel also comes with a built in transmitter that operates at 512htz and is easily locatable with a standard receiver (this option can be added to the set).


Second, is the imaging hub, the Triton has a 10.4” incorporated color wide screen monitor with a recording processor. Data can be saved directly to a USB drive. Recordings are made in a high quality H.264 format. Data also can be accompanied with voice comments (through built in voice recording) and up to 16 pages of written text.


Other features include an on-screen counter for how much of the probe has been inserted, adjustable lighting control, click touch controls, and a rechargeable battery which holds a two hour charge.   


This system will perfectly meet your needs for pipe inspections.

What's in the Box

7/8'' Pipe Inspection Camera TRITON
  • Monitor DVR Box
  • 12V AC Power Adapter
  • Push Rod with Camera Head on Reel
  • Connection Cable
  • User's Manual

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Questions on 7/8'' Pipe Inspection Camera TRITON

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  • From Mark Vaughan (Foster Wheeler Energy) at 9/2/13 5:40 AM
    • What advantages does a self levelling camera have over a standard one?
    • Thank you for your question.
      Self-leveling camera is particularly handy when you need to inspect a larger diameter pipe.
      If you camera is not self-leveling you might need to use an additional centering device/skid.
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  • From Thomas D. at 9/8/15 12:45 PM
    • I am looking for information on how well this product will work in an electrical conduit application. since the elbows are all long sweeps instead of plumbing 90s how well will the product push and how small of a conduit will I be able to use this in? Also it calls for a mzx diamater of 2", why? thank you!
    • Hi Thomas,
      the long sweeps are usually easier to push through than 90° bends, so it will be pretty easy to use this camera on and electrical conduit. The max. diameter of 2" is just a recommendation, not a restriction for a couple very good reasons. First, the light may be not sufficient in a bigger pipes, and second, if you use bigger camera heads (1.23", or 1.68") the image resolution will be prominently better. All though there are skids you can use with this camera head to center it in a bigger ID pipes. Our sales rep. will be in contact with you shortly.
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