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Borescope Camera ImagePRO-TV

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Product Highlights:
Medit Inc.'s high resolution, 1/4" Color CCD video borescope camera for all kinds of endoscopes, borescopes, fiberscopes. Optical focusing coupler included.


Key features:
  • 1/4" Color CCD Video camera chip
  • Stainless Steel outer body housing for protection and easy cleaning
  • NTSC (North/South America) and PAL (Europe, Middle East and Asia) Video cameras available
  • Split cable for RCA video cable, and 12V power adapter (both included)
  • Universal C-mount Eyepiece coupler to connect with various rigid and flexible borescopes / fiberscopes

  • Easy to set-up plug and play design
  • Set includes all of the components except a scope and a TV monitor, or USB capture box
  • Compact light weight design for easy transportation 
What’s Included
ImagePRO-TV Camera, Power adapter, RCA-RCA cable, LEMO cable, Video Camera Endoscope Couplerr for all C-Mount type, User's manual, Adapter Fork for European network (Image PRO-TV PAL Video System).
Product Information
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Medit's MTV Video borescope camera units feature a 1/4" Color CCD video camera chip, which provides you with 760*490 resolution and over 470 TV lines, and an analog output (RCA) to connect the camera unit to your TV monitor or USB capture box. 
Power  is provided by a 12 volt power adapter, and all of these video cameras feature a 28mm focus universal eyepiece coupler to connect to all sorts of rigid endoscopes,  fiberscopes


* Image sensor: 1/4" COLOR CCD
    * Picture elements: EIA//NTSC: 768 H x 494 V - CCIR/PAL: 752 H x 582 V
    * Horizontal resolution: 470 TVL
    * Minimun Illumination: 0 Lux rn
    * Horizontal Sync. frequency: EIA//NTSC: 15.734 KHZ, CCIR/PAL: 15.625 KHZ
    * Vertical frequency : EIA//NTSC: 60 HZ, CCIR/PAL: 50 HZ
    * Clock frequency: EIA//NTSC: 19.0699 MHZ - CCIR/PAL: 18.9375 MHZ
    * Video output: 1Vp-p , 75 Ohms
    * Gamma consumption: 0.45
    * Power supply : DC12V
    * Storage Temperature : -30°C ~ 60°C
    * Operation Temperature : -10°C ~ 45°C

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