1" Inspection Camera System SEASNAKE

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Características principales:
  • Ø 23mm (1.0”) detachable camera head (Standard)
  • Working lengths: 20 m (65.6'), 30 meter (98.4'), 40 m (131.2')
  • CCD camera with anti-scratch Sapphire glass lens
  • Built-in digital video recorder
  • Optional 512Hz sonde
  • Optional self levelling camera head
  • Extra Large 15” color TFT display in a waterproof case
  • Image (JPEG )/Video (AVI) file capture 
  • High-definition display (1024 X 768 pixels)
  • Soft keyboard for text input
  • Battery capacity: 12V 12AH
  • Video output to a TV monitor
  • Files capture to a SD memory card
  • 12 super white LED lights
  • 2 centralizing skids 



El producto incluye
Inspection Camera Monitor, Camera Head, Selected Push Rod, Power Adapter 12V, Battery Unit, 2 Centering Skids, 1.5 meter Connection Cable, SD Card, Screw Driver, Remote Control, Keyboard, User Guide, Storm Case.
Información sobre producto
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Our new inspection camera system SeaSnake offers unparalleled comfort and quality of inspection work, featuring an extra large 15” high-definition color TFT monitor and a keyboard contained in a waterproof case. This versatile camera combines outstanding portability with high-performance and ease of use. It is ideal for a variety of applications in different industries: sewer and drain inspections, assessing condition of HVAC systems, air ducts, wells and pipework, conducting quality checks and many other.

The System is available with a 512Hz built-in sonde right next to the camera head allowing the operator to remotely locate the camera with the help of a sonde locator. 

The SeaSnake image sensor is protected by a Sapphire lens to resist scratching, which is especially important if the camera is used in rough or scratchy environments. It will last you longer and it will not compromise image quality in the long run. The inspection camera is also equipped with 12 adjustable LED lights and a flexible spring coiled joint to navigate bends and obstructed areas, while high-resolution CCD sensor mounted on a straight view camera head is designed to capture clear and vivid footage of the problem area. All these features ensure that you receive high-quality, informative inspection data that you can then share with your colleagues or clients, or save for your future reference.

The camera system features a soft, splash proof keyboard that allows you to enter up to 4 pages of descriptions or comments as part of the inspection process. It is also equipped with a microphone to record audio files during or after inspections. All still images and video recordings can be viewed on the display right on site, either indoors or outdoors, as it features a water- and weather-proof case. Inspection data can also be recorded directly onto an SD memory card or transferred to a bigger TV monitor through a video output jack.

The PVC coated fiberglass cable is waterproof and available in 20 meter (65.6'), 30 meter (98.4 foot) and 40 meter (131.2') lengths.

Due to lightweight and compact case, you can take the SeaSnake inspection camera system with you virtually anywhere and conduct work whenever and wherever you need to. It runs on a 12V, 12AH battery that offers up to 4 hours of operation, so you don’t have to worry about losing power and important inspection data on sites without AC power supply.


Insertion Probe


•    Length: 20 meter(65.6'), 30 meter (98.4') and 40 meter(131.2')

•    Camera Head Diameter: 23mm (1.0") with an optional 512Hz Built-in sonde or 25mm (1.1") self-levelling

•    Color CCD camera with Sapphire glass lens

•    No articulation sewer camera

•    Fiberglass cable

•    120° Field of View (FOV)

•    0° Direction of view (DOV)

•    Waterproof design

•    Illumination: 12 white LEDs

•    Special point touch connector to the camera

•    Waterproof: IP68


Image Hub


•   15” high-definition color TFT display with Video output, file playback

•    Monitor Picture Resolution: 1024 X 768 pixels

•    SD card slot to capture video/images

•    Recording format – AVI/JPEG

•    Power adaptor: 110~240VAC, 12VDC/1800mA

•    Rechargeable battery for portable use up to 3 hours

•    Li-ion battery box (4000mAh)

•    Operating temperature   - 20°F~ 120°F (- 28C°~ 50°C)

•    Dimensions: Plastic Carrying Box 48cm x 39cm x 19.5cm



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