Our Rigel Videoscope was used on Graveyard Carz!

Video Borescopes have long be used to inspect inside engines, gas tanks and other hard to visualize places on auto mobiles. Borescopes can be used to look into any cavity that has a large enough access point to insert the probe. So there really is not limit to the ways videoscopes can be used by mechanics or anyone working on vehicles.

We recently had our Rigel Videoscope featured on an episode of Graveyard Carz, they used the Rigel to look into rocker panels and uni-body rails of a car being restored to check for rust.

Rigel car inspection

Rigel being used to inspect the body of the car

Rigel on Graveyard Carz

Rigel showing the rust in the body panels of the car

Check out the video on our youtube channel.

We would like to thank Graveyard Carz for sharing this footage with us.

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