Through the Needle’s Eye: Super Thin Micron Videoscope

The smallest diameter video borescope has finally entered the market. Medit Inc. has launched sales of Micron, the video inspection tool with an impressively tiny 1.9mm (0.75’’) outer probe diameter. Despite its tiny size, the high resolution (160,000 pixels) distal lens at the end of the probe is equipped with a built-in fiberoptic light. Due to its CIS CMOS sensor the camera delivers clear, crisp and bright images without a grainy pattern common in fiberoptic type devices. The camera features a 90 degree field of view (FOV) with straight, or 0 degree direction of view (DOV). The inspected object has to be in the range between 3mm and 50mm (0.12 to 2’’)

The 2000mm long ETFE coated flexible probe is connected to the handheld camera control unit. The modular design of the videoscope makes it possible to change or replace the probe easily whenever necessary. The control unit possesses a USB output for the direct connection to a computer. The inspection results are visualized onto a computer screen. Captured photo and video files are also saved and recorded on the computer hard drive, thus placing no cap on the number and size of files.

The Micron super thin video borescope is made in the USA and comes with a one year warranty. This innovative tool is indispensable for the inspection of tiny bores and navigating through the narrowest passages. Beyond any doubt, it will place the Micron video borescope among the market leaders in its segment.

New Inspection Zoom Camera Hits the Market

A new state of the art telescopic inspection pole camera with zoom from Medit Inc. is now on the market.  The INSPEKTOR Zoom camera is a big leap forward from most of the competition, both in terms of functionality and available options. The pole length is from 4.1 ft. or 1.24 meters in the collapsed state to 10.9 ft. or 3.3 meters when fully extended. Additional sections can be added to the telescopic pole by the user, extending its total length up to 40 ft. or 12 meters. ZOOM Articulating Inspection Camera

The 2-way articulating camera head (up to 90 degrees in each direction) is 2.5” or 63mm in diameter. Two other available camera head options are an infrared and a thermal head. The inspection tool is equipped with 24 bright LEDs, a digital image processor and a low light sensitive camera chip. The 10x optical zoom allows to inspect areas between 1 ft. and 200 ft. away from the camera head. The device comes with an SD camera used to store captured images and recordings. The memory of the tool depends entirely on the capacity of the SD card being used. For reference’s sake, 1 GB stores about 250 photos or 1 hour of video.

The camera comes with a convenient chest harness, a right angle adapter, two NiHM rechargeable batteries and a rugged carrying case of hardened plastic. The new pole camera with zoom will undoubtedly be highly appreciated by law enforcement agencies such as the army, police or customs. It is a perfect tool to search for illegal substances, weapons or contraband. In addition, it can be used for such applications as manhole or sewer inspection and, in general, whenever there is a need to access tight areas that open up into larger cavities.

New Advanced Chimney Inspection Camera Hits the Market

The new LookSee PRO chimney inspection camera specially built for chimney inspections is now on the market. Unlike general purpose cameras, this tool has been designed exclusively for chimney checkups, maintenance and repair, and that is what makes the difference.

This camera system features a 25 meter long (82 ft.) flexible insertion cable, with customized lengths up to 40 meters (131 ft.) available upon request. It also features 14 infrared LEDs for improved illumination of inspection areas, a 1/4″ CCD Sony Super HAD image sensor and a 7’’ TFT LED display. The camera head is made out of stainless steel for increased protection, and it features an adapter for additional optional accessories such as an extension rod and a brush. The video recordings of the inspection are saved directly onto a removable SD card, which places no limit on the camera storage capacity.

The new LookSee PRO chimney inspection camera comes in a convenient carrying case for easy transportation and is covered with an extended 2-year warranty. Reliability, a wide spectrum of options, superb illumination and image quality make this UK made system a great success on the market of specialized chimney inspection tools.

IR Chimney Inspection Camera LookSee PRO

                                         LookSee PRO

New Pipe Inspection Robot GECKO 9050 Has Been Launched

The new impressive German-made Pipe Inspection Robot GECKO 9050 is now on the market. This motorized crawler features Kevlar reinforced water- and acid-proof 120 meter long cables with customized lengths up to 150 meters available upon request. The self-levelling, pan-and-tilt camera head is 78mm (3’’) in diameter.

The system features a crawler on tracks with controllable speed (including reverse) of up to 33 meters (or about 100 feet) per minute. The Kevlar reinforced water- and acid-proof cable is secured on a stable drum. The live image is visualized onto a large color 8.4’’ monitor protected from damage by a metal case. The captured files are stored directly onto a removable SD card. The 120 meter/78mm version camera head has a pan and tilt capability.

The new pipe inspection robot is offered with an ample selection of options. They include extra wheels (63mm or 2.5”, 100mm or 4” and 120mm or 5” in diameter) and a camera raiser to keep the camera head centered during the inspections in larger pipes. The GECKO 9050 is currently the most affordable inspection system of this type and caliber on the market. However, reasonable price does not come at the expense of quality. This combination of affordability and excellence is sure to place the GECKO 9050 among the market leaders in its segment.

Pipe Inspection Robot GECKO 9050

Pipe Inspection Robot GECKO 9050

Explosion Proof Camera Videoscope-XT: The Tool for Risky Tasks

Explosion Proof Borescope CameraWe have recently launched the sale of a truly innovative video borescope with a particular focus on NDT professionals working in explosion prone environments. The new Videoscope-XT underwent a series of stringent tests under the MIL-STD-810G in an explosive atmosphere, and meets the requirements of NFPA 70 – Class 1 Division 2. Thus, the new inspection system fills the void providing the NDT professional community with a video borescope that comes as close as possible to the definition of intrinsically safe.

 The new explosion camera features 4-way articulating probes with lengths ranging from 1.5m (4.9′) to 7.5m (24.6′), and with two diameter options, 4mm (0.16”) and 6mm (0.24”). Other key characteristics include digital zoom, text input for captured files, extra powerful 3-step LED illumination hidden in the unit handle for increased safety, and an advanced color CMOS camera chip for an extra bright and clear image delivery. The unit stands out for its ergonomic and lightweight design, and it comes in a hard plastic carrying case to protect it from accidental damage.

 Visual inspection professionals will undoubtedly appreciate its solid built, innovative cutting edge features, and user friendly interface. These characteristics make the new Videoscope-XT explosion proof camera a highly desirable instrument for those who value quality, convenience, and safety.

New Sewer Camera CAIMAN for Effortless Sewer and Drain Inspections

In our pursuit of delivering the latest, innovative visual devices for our clients in different industries, having to tackle a whole range of various inspections, we have recently added a new sewer camera to our product line – CAIMAN Sewer Camera.

The Camera was specifically designed and manufactured to make the work of visual inspectors examining mainlines, sewers, drains and waste water system from street level easier, safer and more efficient regardless of how difficult the task at hand is. Featuring a scope of advanced characteristics, CAIMAN is one of the most user-friendly and affordable sewer cameras, called to boost your productivity.

CAIMAN features a Ø 50mm (1.97”) self-leveling camera head  with a built-in 512Hz sonde, which can be easily traced underground, informing the operator of camera’s exact location. The reinforced, flexible insertion probes come in various lengths from 60 to 120 meters (197’ – 394’) and are water- and oil- proof allowing for submersion inspections. The probe can be easily coiled on a wheeled reel that features a control unit with 7” color display with 360 degrees rotation, intuitive control buttons and a length counter, which provides information for the operator as to how much probe has been inserted. The control unit has both a USB port, allowing for transferring inspection data to an external memory source, and a slot for a micro SD card to help you store your findings in the way that is most convenient for you.

The Camera runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery, however, a 13.5V battery backup station is available as an additional power supply, offering up to 10 hours of uninterrupted work.

CAIMAN Sewer Camera is geared up for hours of efficient and intuitive inspections

3 things you need to know about pipe crawlers

STORMER S3000 pipe crawlerThey are a new generation of highly agile viewing equipment that can be used for long-range inspections of pipelines of various diameters. For example, our new STORMER S3000 pipe crawler can travel within pipelines with double the speed of a conventional viewing device providing you with a complete view of the pipeline interior. During our extensive experience in selling inspection equipment and working with our clients all over the world we have come up with a list of 3 winning characteristics that make pipe crawlers irreplaceable tools for effective, economical and comfortable inspections. We want to demonstrate them using the STORMER S3000 as an example:

  1. Outstanding Versatility. The pipeline inspection applications can be rather diverse and you do not want to buy a new device every time you have to inspect a different pipe. The STORMER S3000 Pipe Crawler is a versatile device that greatly increases your efficiency while minimizing operation time. It is geared up for inspecting pipelines from 150mm (5.9”) to 1000mm (40”) in diameter. The highly scalable design can be adjusted to your particular inspection requirements within seconds – you can choose between two camera mounts (top and front) and several sets of wheels. As of today, it is one of the most sophisticated and efficient, yet affordable pipe crawlers in the market. It is a powerful 5 speed 15 Nm 4 wheel drive with chain transmission operating on 48 V DC motor. An optional inclinometer that sends data on pipe gradient to OSD for display can be included in the set.
  2. Unprecedented Precision. Key characteristic, as both you and your client need the exact answer what the problem is as soon as possible. The pipe crawler STORMER S3000 provides you with a clear, true to life images of pipeline interiors at the click of a button. The pan-and-tilt camera with continuous rotation is equipped with a 0.5 lux sensitive, high-definition CMOS chip (720×576 pixels), protected by a scratchproof front window to prevent image impairment, which occurs from using cameras in multiple cycles of inspection in abrasive environments. The camera is designed to withstand up to 5.5 bar pressure and is protected by a Stainless steel housing with Aluminum anodized finish. The eco-friendly homogenous LED light Illumination can be adjusted depending on the inspection lighting conditions
  3. Groundbreaking Portability. Pipe crawlers are easy to set up and transport with you wherever you need to go. In our case, the STORMER S3000 consists of several modules that are very easy to assemble: pan-and-tilt camera, insertion cable, CCU, cable reel and crawler. The CCU with easy-to-use silicon rubber controls and integrated LED backlit 10.4” HD TFT flat panel monitor is housed in a portable, sturdy Pelican case. You can record inspection data in MPEG2 format, use WinCan compatiblesoftware and type up to 6 pages of comments. You have a choice of saving the information to the hard drive or a USB memory stick that connects to the unit on the main control panel. The STORMER S3000 pipe crawler uses 110v or 240v mains or 1KVA generator power inlet for power supply. 


In overall, pipe crawlers are fast, versatile, high-performance viewing devices that allow you to examine wide range of pipelines with ease while saving you a great deal of time, money and nerves.

Video Borescope RIGEL: Advanced Features But Maintains Affordable Price

Lately we have been witnessing a flood of innovative viewing equipment in the market that boast with advanced characteristics, enhanced software, user-friendly operation AND being extremely cheap – all at the same time. As it turns out – a lot of them are either advanced but NOT very user-friendly, or they are advanced but NOT cheap. To start out with elaborate software menus and set up instructions. You need a separate class to master just those two before you can take the device to the field and examine a pipe, or machine.
It definitely shouldn’t require half of your company’s annual income to buy a video Articulating Borescope RIGEL borescope. Equipment is supposed to minimize operation time while maximizing income. Not the other way around.
In this regards, we highly recommend new versatile RIGEL Articulating Video Borescope. And we are going to prove to you that it’s worth all the penny you invest in it:
1. It’s small, compact, light, yet extremely maneuverable due to optimal neck angulation unexpected in devices of its class – 180 degrees in 2 directions for 1m (3.3’) and 2m (6.5’) probes and 120 degrees for 3m (9.8’) probes. Use the neck lock if you want to fixate it in a specific position
2. Wide range of applications and outstanding durability – articulating necks are reinforced with tungsten and come in different lengths. Increased longevity despite the multiple cycles of inspections
3. High-quality, crisp images due to innovative high-resolution CMOS Video Camera chip (60 [email protected]) and six integrated LED lights
4. Add-on features for more informative inspections: powerful zoom, grid and mirroring function
5. The buttons on the control unit are FEW and they are easy to find and use
6. Easy data recording, processing, exchanging via SD memory card, USB or AV output jack. The integrated monitor is high definition 3.5” Color LCD display
7. Uninterrupted, free of wires operation due to a long-lasting, rechargeable LI-polymer battery


Endoscope and Light Source that was donated from Medit Inc. for Doctors in Ethiopia

Medit Inc, one of the leaders among online suppliers of endoscopic equipment and accessories in North America, is pleased to announce great feedback that arrived from doctors in Ethiopia who have recently received a new endoscope and a light source as a donation from the company.

At the beginning of 2014 the company was contacted by Jerald S. Altman, M.D. from Valley ENT with the request to donate equipment for doctors in Ethiopia. Dr. Altman was going to Ethiopia in March of that year as a volunteer to train and help local doctors. Medit Inc. was able to donate a battery-powered endoscope and light source intended for use in the field.

The company was informed days before Christmas that the doctors in Ethiopia were extremely pleased with the endoscope’s easy and comfortable operation. Our light source utilizes a newly designed LED chip which is combined with a specialized focal lens to produce 15% more light intensity then the most powerful light sources in the class. The body is composed of high grade aluminum with an anodized finish. The light source has a great utilization which makes the inspection process more comfortable. The equipment is light, compact, portable and runs on standard AAA rechargeable batteries which makes it irreplaceable at locations where power supply is limited or not available.

The company hopes to continue collaboration with the doctors in Ethiopia and strongly believes that it is through small deeds of kindness that great things can happen.


endoscope with light source

STRAHL Line I RIGEL – Articulating Video Borescope

STRAHL Line I RIGEL is a portable, all-purpose 2-way Articulating Video Borescope built to meet modern visual inspections needs. It is durable enough to withstand rigors and bumps of routine operations, yet light and portable, making it easy for the operator to work in most confined spaces.

The Articulating Video Borescope offers 2-way 180 degree articulation in each direction allowing for thorough examination of the area of inspection.  The images are captured with the help of intuitive controls located on the base unit with rubber anti-slip handle. The new fast CMOS Video Camera chip (60 [email protected]), built-in in the tip of the probe, provides a clear and bright view of the inspection area. The device comes with Ø 5.5 mm diameter interchangeable probe in 1 m (3.3’), 2 m (6.5’), or 3 m (9.8’) lengths and are water-, oil-, gas-, diesel-proof. Optional accessories includes mirror tips for different angles of view and optional probe lengths of up to 3 meters.

The system is equipped with four long-lasting LED lights that provide extremely brilliant illumination even in the darkest inspection areas. Light intensity can be adjusted by pressing control buttons on the base unit to eliminate over-lighting and glare when inspecting reflective/metallic or shiny surfaces.

All still and live inspections are displayed on an  integrated 3.5”” LCD screen with a resolution of 720 x 640 pixels. Also available is the zoom in/out and grid function for explore the area of interest thoroughly. All inspection results can be saved to a memory card or downloaded directly to a computer.

The Articulating Video Borescope runs by a long-running rechargeable LI-polymer battery, provides up to 4 hours of continuous video capture on a full intensity and requires only 2 hours to recharge.