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Articulated Fiber Scopes


A fiber scope is a flexible visual inspection device that is perfect for inspecting narrow, tight or curved spaces, pipes or channels. They come in diameters between 4mm (0.15”) and 8.0mm (0.31”) and can reach the areas that a human eye would not otherwise be able to see.  

We offer several different articulated fiber scopes with different diameters, lengths, tip angulation and resolution. Two- and four-way articulation of the tip makes the insertion process smoother and easier and adds extra maneuverability to the probes around bends and corners.

Featuring fiber optic image guides and fiber optic light bundle, these devices offer images resolution, which is at least 2 times higher than that of cheap fiber scopes. The special technology used in the MEDIT fiber borescopes allows more fiber optic pixels to be packed into the same size bundles. The 20,000 pixel FI fiberscopes feature nearly 100% more fiber optic cables than other fiberscopes of the same diameter. So, they are smaller and less noticeable, when image quality is a critical requirement. 

These modular devices can be connected to almost any external high output light source, directly to the SPARK LED light handle for increased portability or  various C-mount video cameras (e.g. our ImagePRO USB, or ImagePRO HDTV) by means of a focusable eyepiece coupler. The sharpness of the image can be adjusted using the focal ring on the fiberscope.

Featuring stainless steel braided probes, which are also water-, oil- and gasoline-proof, our fiber borescopes are tough and flexible, yet ergonomic and convenient for prolonged inspections.